Team Registration

Team Rosters

For Spring 2017, your team roster will be entered with your team registration.  Players can be added or moved as necessary later - please contact the league for assistance.

As discussed earlier this year, our age groups have moved to a grade based format

Game Formats for Spring 2017

  • 5th/6th Grade (formerly U12): 9v9
  • 7th/8th Grade (formerly U14): 11v11
  • 9th/10th Grade (formerly U16): 11v11
  • 11th/12th Grade (formerly U19): 11v11

Team and Club Fees

For Spring 2017, the per team fee for all age groups is $25.00.  The seasonal club fee is $50.00. We will continue to ask all clubs to add their teams for the season using our team registration process by filling out the simple form at the link below.  Team fees and the $50 seasonal club fee should be paid by one check made payable to "Suburban Counties Soccer League".


Team Names

Team names can be the team's color, for example "Coventry Blue" or a fun name like "Pottsgrove Strikers." Combinations like "Boyertown Yellow Bananas" can be used, of course.  A name that gives the opposing team some sort of idea who they are looking for by including the jersey color in the name would always be a good choice.

Hopefully this goes without saying but names that are derogatory in any way will not be allowed.  

If for some reason you have found your way to this page and do not belong to one of our current member clubs but are interested in joining our league, please use the "Contact Us" link at the top of the page to contact the league office.  We are interested in talking to new clubs!

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