Team Roster Form


Coaches will need to have a copy of their team roster on this form for each game.  The spreadsheet is set up such that filling in the left hand side will automatically copy the data to the middle and the right. Players can also be written in by hand, for example, if a player was borrowed on game day.  Players printed on the roster that did not play in the game (as in didn't show up that day) can just be crossed out.   You may want to have some extra forms printed out without the date filled in to keep in your notebook in case you would need an extra one.

At each game, you will have this roster form filled out and signed with your players for the game including any secondary players.  (Recall that a secondary player is a player borrowed from any other SCSL team with the "Secondary" box checked on the roster form.) You should cut the page into 3 separate roster forms and hand these to the referee with payment for the game.  The referee will sign the rosters and return one copy to the coach along with one copy of the roster for the opposing team.  The referee will keep one copy of the roster and give one copy to the other team. Referees will keep their copy of the roster as a record of the players participating until the end of the season in case there are any questions about the game or their game report.


Download this file (RosterFormBlank.xls)RosterFormBlank.xls

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