SCSL Mask Policy

There has been a lot of dialogue, questions, comments, and some confusion regarding Club policy in respects to COVID requirements, particularly concerning mask wear.

Read the SCSL Mask Policy below.

Download this file (Mask Letter 4-14-2021.pdf)Mask Policy

COVID-19 Action Plan

Soccer is a contact sport, and by its nature, we cannot eliminate all risk or potential for spread of a contagious disease. We have adopted a set of procedures and policies intended to minimize this risk.  Each family will need to make their own decision whether they want to play or not and will have to assume any risks involved with that decision to play. 

Read SCSL's COVID-19 Action Plan


Download this file (SCSLActionPlan.pdf)SCSLActionPlan.pdf

Fall 2021

The Fall 2021 Schedule Is Now Posted!


SCSL's COVID-19 Action Plan 


Fall Rules Updates

Updates to the League's rules for Fall 2021 can be found to the left under "League Game Rules".  Check the Coach's Selections for updates to the league rules and an updated Coach Information Handout.  A new Club Contacts selection has also been added.

 Game Cancellation Procedures

If your Club is CLOSING any FIELDS and canceling games due to rain/field conditions, your club MUST contact the league BY 7:00AM game day.  The League Office must notify the referee assignor of game cancellations immediately.

If the League has not received your Club's notification by 7:00AM then the scheduled games will be played on your fields as scheduled because a referee will be showing up. 

Individual Teams and Coaches are not permitted to cancel games for inclement weather.  Only Clubs may make weather related cancellations.


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